Welcome to a different type of news...
     This is a appeal to all Black Newspapers; we are Media Advocates, a product
of Studio 2 Productions.  Media Advocates is a multimedia production company
and we are writing you to introduce an exciting new concept.  The concept of
looking at the communications industry objectively.  With the cooperation of all
Black Newspapers and any media format, and all citizens that believe that the
communication media is bias towards minorities.  The communications media is
bias towards minorities in their reporting news stories about us.  Also, we are
under-represented on most of the national prime time news reporting.  CNBC,
MSNBC, CNN, Fox, and finally all other recognized news reporting agencies. We
as a people are practically non- existing as it relates to positive images on the
Sunday Morning News broadcast panels.  They either have a handpicked African-
American face that fails to be up to speed on the topics being discussed.  Or
there may be someone from the house staff that has become desensitized to
misuse and abused suffered by the field population.

     All of this results in minimizing our contributions and achievements or either
makes mockery, or stereotypical telling of half-truths or outright lies on daily
bases.   It was one of the great achievements in our history that Barrack
Obama, has become the President elect of the United States.  However, in the
last 22 months in his run towards the Presidency, most of us saw the way
President elect Barrack Obama had to smile in the face of adversity, stay
focused, and keep moving forward.  Every citizen that supported and voted for
President Obama felt the impact of each punch, each swipe, each low blow, as
the pundits scrutinized his every move.  How many times did you review the
many, news shows on daily bases and become upset at the lies, untruths and
misrepresentation of Mr. Obama, and African-Americans, as a whole?  Also,
when we donít see ourselves in media adís, maybe they donít want our money? 
Which at this point they are able to continue this practice, because we donít
collectively complain when the media treat us negatively.  At the same time they
should be complemented when a job is well done.
Philly Black News
an informed community is a strong community...
Connect with us...  Become a media advocate and part of your informed community we want to hear from you, speak up, help put the word out, Together "Yes we can"
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Become a media advocate and part of your informed community we want to hear from you, speak up, help put the word out, Together
"Yes we can"
Last Update: Jan, 15th 2018
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